Greg Minah
Public Installations


Commissioned to create this painting for the lobby of the Lincoln Properties Architecture Group's downtown Washington, DC offices in 2014. The painting, "these words and notions," measures 60 by 120 inches, my largest painting to date using my current painting method (see 'Video' section for more information on my painting process)


Selected by the Crystal City Business Improvement District (BID) to have 10 of my recent paintings reproduced at high quality on 10' by 10' aluminum panels and installed in downtown Crystal City on an ongoing basis as part of the Art Walls project.

Installation address:
2221 South Eads Street
Arlington, VA 22202


A recent painting ("the exact limits," 2011) was selected to be reproduced at high-quality and permanently mounted in the Washington, DC Metro Station in Bethesda, MD as part of the Bethesda Tunnel Vision Project.


In 2011, two paintings--"elsewhere in antiquity," 2009 (above, left) and "known sensations," 2009 (above, right--were loaned to the US Embassy in Guatemala City, Guatemala as part of the State Department's Art In Embassies Program. For more information on the exhibition which includes the artists please see my page on the Art In Embassies website here.

To further the mission of the U.S. Department of State for cross-cultural exchange, Art in Embassies™ (AIE) professional curators create temporary exhibitions for American embassy residences and permanent collections for new U.S. embassies and consulates. Art in Embassies works within the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations. The curators cultivate and maintain partnerships with thousands of artists, museums, collectors, universities, galleries, and foundations worldwide, ensuring that the art chosen is compelling, and that the exhibitions and collections are engaging, informative, and relevant for the intended audience, and highlight the cross-cultural exchange mission of the Department.

These exhibitions and collections begin with a study of the host country, involvement in the design of architectural spaces, and review of floor plans to identify potential locations for art installation and collaborative projects. The exhibitions and collections include site specific commissions by American and host country artists, and original works of art which compliment the architecture and interior design of the designated representational spaces, creating work environments that foster dialogue and provide platforms for cultural outreach. Other considerations shape the selection as well, as the art has to be compatible with the mores and cultural heritage of the host country and reflect the artistic range, similarities and differences, and cultural and aesthetic values of both countries. Multi-lingual labels, publications and other documentation, and exchange programming provide context for both exhibitions and collections, offerings insight into the motivation behind the artists' work.
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